Isaac Poole is an eclectic guitarist and bassist who is dedicated to producing the highest quality of musical experience at any given moment. He is a graduate the U of L Jazz Studies Program with a BM in Jazz performance, studying guitar with Craig Wagner and bass with Tyrone Wheeler. He has also extensively studied Music Theory with Chris Fitzgerald,  Music History with Jack Ashworth and Douglas Shadle, Jazz and Arranging and Composition with John LaBarbera and Dan Worley, and many classes in Creative Writing. During his time at the University, he received a grant to do a semester abroad in Brasília, Brazil where he was able to learn the musical styles of choro, samba and MPB with guitarist Bruno Mangueira and clarinetist Richardo Freire.
          At U of L, he has preformed in Contemporary, Hard Bop, Brazilian and Jazz ensembles, performing with players from around the world. Around town, Isaac has played, and is close friends with, many of this city’s young jazz experts, such as Thiago Wojtowicz, Kendall Carter, Ben Hogan, Jose Ortega and Shawn Knabel.
          However, Isaac’s interests extends to many styles of music, despite his keen interest in jazz. From playing with singer-songwriters like Stuart Wicke, composing, arrangement and performing original works to leading an original blues-rock band, The Blue Rebellion, which was featured in the LEO and participated in the International Blues Competition on Memphis, Isaac performs music as diverse as the music he listens to. 
          Composition is at the heart of Isaac Poole’s music making. Although he loves approaching other musician’s work, he has many compositions that he can call his own. He has tackled long-form compositions using traditional chamber ensembles as well as jazz tunes in traditional and contemporary style. During his time at U of L, he studied composition and arranging with John LaBarbera and Dan Worley.



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